5 Tips to Remain Stylish During Long-Term Travel

5 tips to remain stylish during long-term travel


When you’re travelling, it’s understandably a challenge to stay stylish – especially when your trip is long-term. The goal is to create a minimal yet functional and fashionable travel attire. With that being said, here are five useful tips to remain stylish during long-term travel.

 Make sure your clothes coordinate

When packing your clothing ready for a stint of long-term travelling it’s important you’re not just throwing in random items without considering if they actually go together. If you arrive at your destination to realise you have no complete outfits, you won’t be looking your best throughout your trip.

Plan out some outfits and clothes that will look good together – be sure to have some versatile options so you can mix and match throughout your trip. Neutral colours and designs are a good option for clothes that will often go together without clashing or looking unusual.

Be modest with your clothing

Make sure you’re not wearing any outfits that could cause offence or make you stand out in a bad way during your trip. A lot of travel hotspots play host to sites of cultural and religious importance, and you’ll be expected to cover up in order to pay respect to said religion – so make sure your clothing is respectful to the place and won’t cause any issues.

Jumpsuits are a great choice for a comfortable, breathable outfit that won’t cause offence, but also won’t prove to be too hot in many locations.

Choose comfortable outfits

Comfort is key when you travel. The heat is just one factor to consider, alongside the long days, extensive travelling and the amount of walking around you’ll be doing throughout your trip – comfortable clothing is the most practical option for long-term travel.

That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style, though. As mentioned, jumpsuits are a great choice for comfortable yet fashionable clothing, as well as culottes, sandals and knee-length dresses – they’re a breezy and light choice that still manages to be stylish.

Pack the essentials 

The basics are a necessity – not only are they stylish staple choices, but they’ll go with anything. Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, and blouses can all be mix-and-matched for gorgeous outfits that are as comfortable as they are fashionable.

Don’t shy away from the basics, as they’re reliable choices that can be customised and worn with many other garments in order to create a stylish outfit whilst you travel. They are the key to creating a capsule wardrobe. You need some classic pieces to rely on whilst you travel – the basics have you covered.

Use layers

 Layering up is a necessity for an easy yet stylish outfit. Use the aforementioned basics to create layered outfits which will certainly make a statement as you travel. Layers are also perfect for evenings when the temperature cools – if you’re heading out on the town, or simply relaxing and unwinding, layers are a comfortable way to stay stylish.

Bonus tip : Stylish or not, remember to have fun and be happy. After all, travel is the perfect catalyst for happiness.

*collaborative guest post