March Favorites

Hello guys! It is time to share my March Favorites with you. I have meaning to plan my posts better this year but this month has just gone by. I think time flies by when you are having a good time. My mother-in-law is here in Atlanta and I am having a great time showing her around and most of the places are new to me. Some of these places have featured in this post too.

Scout bags Travel Tote 

I was sent a travel tote and pouch from Scout bags for a collaboration and at first, I thought the bag was huge. But now that’s what I Iove about the bag, the size is perfect to put in all my stuff. I use it as a weekender bag for trips or sleep over’s. I love how the pouch fits all my beauty essentials while my clothes and shoes are stacked inside the tote.


My next monthly favorite is also a bag that my mom sent from India. It is an inexpensive tote with a scalloped trim and has the most obvious caption.

Dachshund Mug  

I finally got the mug I have been wishlisting in my head since Christmas. I love dogs and buying merchandise with dog print on it. The mug is sturdy and holds a lot of tea and I am not complaining.

Shop the mug here.

March Favorites - Dachshund Mug Anthropologie


Nutties chocolate

This may seem trivial to you but growing up Cadbury’s Nutties was my favorite chocolate and still is. For some reason, they were discontinued for a long time. But when I was in Jaipur last year I chanced upon them in a store and you can’t imagine my excitement. So when my MIL asked me what I would want from India it had to be boxes of Nutties. Those small red boxes bring out the kid in me and so they are my absolute favorite from March.


Anything that makes me avoid cooking is a blessing. Seriously, I cook to feed myself. I am more than willing to hand over the task to someone else. So when Freshly offered to sample their service I jumped at the opportunity. Freshly is a weekly subscription meal service that delivers fresh (never frozen) prepared meals to your doorstep. They have different plans to choose from that suit your dietary requirement/restrictions. You can choose breakfast, lunch and dinner options from their weekly menu.

March Favorites - Freshly

March Favorites - Freshly

I tried four entrees from their menu – Cod Cakes, Penne Bolognese, Turkey Shepherd’s Pie, and Baked Penne Marinara with Italian Sausage. My Freshly delivery came at my doorstep and it was packed in an insulated box with ice packs to ensure the meals stay nice and cold. After unboxing, you can place your meals directly in the refrigerator and then place all your packaging in the recycling bin. I love that their packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. All four entrees were so delicious, but my favorites were the Cod Cakes and the Shepherd’s Pie. The meals are healthy and delicious. I recommend you try Freshly for yourself.

Use my code nocook639 to get $20 Freshly’s 6 meal plan. (applies to first time users)

Favorite moment

I wore a white wedding dress last week and it was my favorite moment. I received the dress to shoot for an upcoming wedding dress website. The dress was everything I had dreamt of and I felt every bit of a princess bride.


A last minute day trip to Helen accompanied by a short hike to a waterfall. I learnt about this cute German town from my MIL who visited it on her last trip to the States. Now that we live in Atlanta, Helen is a short drive away and I love visiting a few favorite stores and discovering new ones as well. It was a beautiful day with a slight nip in the air and spring flowers blooming everywhere.

March Favorites - Helen, Georgia

March Favorites - Helen, Georgia

March Favorites - Helen, Georgia

March Favorites - Helen, Georgia

Went back to Amicalola Falls State Park. It was my second time taking the 400 something steps down and it was a pain. It made me realize how unfit I am.

March Favorites - Amicalola Falls

For lack of weekday activities, I went to the Atlanta Zoo and it turned out to be a fun trip. We were excited like any eight-year-old looking at the animals. I adore giant pandas in general and the zoo houses the cutest and only panda twins in the US – Xi Lun and Ya Lun as part of their Giant Panda Conservation program. I think the Atlanta Zoo is a great destination for all ages. I really like how the zoo endeavors to be an environmentally friendly zoo, participating in research and conservation projects for endangered species. For example, their Species Survival Plan focuses on population management of endangered species all over the world. They just welcomed Sparky the tiger and he is magnificent. Just last week, the world’s last male northern white rhino died in Kenya. Sadly, all subspecies of tigers are endangered and I pray we do everything to keep this beautiful animal on this planet.

March Favorites - Atlanta Zoo