February Favorites

Is it just me or February just flew by? Considering it was a short month, my list of February Favorites is going to be short.


First things first, have you watched Black Panther? If not, then stop reading and book your ticket! Black Panther is a milestone for so many reasons. The movie stands up to Hollywood’s whitewashing with a black superhero and a predominantly black cast and team. The portrayal of strong female warriors and the celebration of African culture makes this super-hero film different from the other Marvel projects. It was so cool to see people all dressed up in traditional African clothes for the movie. Not to undermine the fact that the movie is super entertaining and the music is fantastic. Before this post becomes all about Black Panther, just go watch it.


This brings me to another movie-related service – Movie Pass. It is a subscription-based movie ticketing service that lets you see one movie per day in theatres for $10 a month. I have been using the Movie Pass app the whole of February and already watched a ton of movies. For movie lovers, it is a great deal. Even if you watch one movie per month you make good of the monthly fee. There are a few limitations like no IMAX or 3D (not a deal breaker for me) and it is only in the US.

P.S. Currently they are charging $7.95 per month so get your Movie Pass here.


I received this plush robe from Pottery Barn as a Christmas gift and I have been wearing it non-stop since then. I basically lived in it the whole of winters. I would put it on straight out of bed in the chilly mornings and then in the evenings. It is the perfect loungewear. I have the Winslow Plaid Plush Robe and it seriously the coziest and warmest thing. It is unisex so makes a great gift for anyone and right now it is heavily marked down to $30. While you are at it, get their plush slippers and make your self-extra toasty.


Friction by Imagine Dragons / Mission Impossible Fallout trailer song

Obsessed and on repeat. Period.