Dress & Sneakers



Want to know the secret to blister free, happy feet? Sneakers! I am one of those kids who spent their childhood wearing sneakers because that is what my father advocated. So imagine my reaction when I see sneakers making a fashion statement and no longer restricted to the gym. The dress that I am wearing is feminine with ruffles at the bottom with abstract print splattered all over it. Normally, I would go for either heels or sandals but I am chucking normal out of the window. I think pairing it with sneakers totally changes the look and it is so outside the box. I do love my sneakers bright and colorful but this year it is all about white sneakers. I mean it makes total sense as the color practically goes with everything.

There are so many options out there but you have to find something that suits you. I tried few shoes but they looked big on my feet and then I found these light weight Keds. These are sleek low top sneakers and the best part is I don’t have to bother washing them as it is leather (except for the inner flap). Just one tip though, they are not meant for hiking or running. Trust me, this is a total game changer and your feet will thank you.

Links to what I’m wearing:

Ruffled dress c/o Floerns Keds Kickstart Leather Sneaker | Michael Kors Black Watch (similiar)