When I speak of monsoon, most of you can picturise the green landscape and the smell of the lovely wet soil that freshens up both body and mind. But let’s face the fact that it also brings humidity, frizzy hair and waterlogged roads. The biggest dilemma, undoubtedly, that most people face is – How to dress fashionably and rationally during the crazy monsoon season. For me, the perfect solution comes with wide-leg, cropped pants: gaucho pants (some call them culottes, either work!). Considering the monsoon scene in India, it is essential to keep yourself FAR away from getting muddied due to splash backs or in puddles. This season also requires for your skin and clothes to breathe. For that reason, I picked culottes as they do not stick to me even when the weather gets unbearable. The word culotte refers to a garment that hangs like a skirt but splits like pants. Some might even call it cropped palazzo pants. I love that the palazzo trend has stayed over time and little modifications to it have made it a wardrobe staple for all seasons.Culottes Bombay Paisleyculottes1 culottes4 culottes3 culottes5 culottes8 culottes10Wearing: Top and culottes from Bombay Paisley and sandals from Charles & Keith