Floral Off-Shoulder

When I did my red off-shoulder post, I saw a hit on the blog statistics. At that point, we were improvising our photography; so I attributed the sudden spike to the quality of pictures. Soon, I realized it was all because of the off-shoulder craze. As you must have noticed, this trend is EVERYWHERE. While my personal style is not governed by ongoing trends, this particular style has beckoned to me at every turn and I had to give in. This pretty chiffon top has the right length and ruffles that add a flowy and feminine touch.Floral Off Shoulder - The Vagabond Wayfarer

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Floral Off Shoulder (2)I recently bought this pair of boyfriend jeans from Zara and they have become a wardrobe staple for me. When I wore them out recently, an acquaintance of mine pointed out that I had lost weight, to which I honestly replied – it is the jeans. But it still felt GOOD. Now when it came to styling this look, I first went for my skinny jeans because of the whole loose top meets tight pant balance rule. But it looked just all right and so I went with the loose top with loose pant outfit.Floral Off Shoulder (1)

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Wearing: Floerns Floral Off Shoulder Top (shop on Amazon) | Zara Boyfriend Jeans | Steve Madden Loafers | Ray Ban Aviators. 

In this post, you get a glimpse of my tattoo that I’ve had for few years now. I was never the one to get a tattoo simply because I was afraid of the pain and also select a design that I could imprint on my body for the rest of my life. In the year 2012, I started practicing Buddhism and it struck a chord with me. Knowing my tendency to get into things and more often lose interest; I decided to get a tattoo as a personal resolve. My tattoo is called the Eternal Knot or Endless Knot, which is one of the eight auspicious Buddhist symbols. The knot is said to symbolise the union of compassion and wisdom and the intertwining of lines represents how all phenomena are conjoined together known as cause and effect. There was no doubt in my mind about the design and the meaning behind it. Floral Off Shoulder (10)

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*I received a free sample from Floerns in exchange of my unbiased review. All opinions are my own.