The Modern Gypsy

When it comes to fashion, you could either follow it or create your own fashion. Then it becomes your style. As Yves Saint Laurent rightly said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” I like those who have a strong sense of individuality in terms of their style. For this post, I was inspired by the Gypsy/Bohemian style of dressing. In modern usage, being Gypsy or Bohemian broadly relates to being free-spirited, non-conformist, usually with an artistic flare. The essence of this style is creating a rich cocktail of prints, where ethnic meets vintage with a hint of the hippie style from the late 60’s and 70’s. It is all about being cool, vibrant and effortless.

To create this look, I have re-purposed a custom stitched Indian anarkali style kurta as a maxi dress. An easy way to achieve the Gypsy look is by layering your clothes. The double-side printed waistcoat adds the right touch of layer when paired with a tan belt to accentuate the waist.

Go crazy with the accessories as there is no rule here. Be it stacked bangles or layered neck-pieces or dangling earrings, this is your chance to go overboard. In hindsight, I feel I could have worn more jewelry.

I usually wear sandals with this outfit but this time I went with a timeless and classic pair of oxford shoes. The dress and bag are dear to me since they are gifts from my younger sister, and stand testament to the theory that nagging for gifts does work.

So this was my take on the Modern Gypsy.  For once, it felt good not to think about do’s and dont’s and just have fun expressing my own creativity. The idea is to feel free and beautiful from within. Hope this inspires you to embrace the bohemian spirit, be it in your mindset or personal style.

Dress custom made in India | ASOS belt | Bag from Atmosphere (Primark) | Oxford shoes from Restricted (DSW) | Silver Earrings – Anokhi | Coin Ring – Lai

Anokhi Earrings, Lai Coin Ring

The Modern Gypsy - The Vagabond Wayfarer

Summer dress

The Modern Gypsy - The Vagabond Wayfarer


Boho Chic

Block Print Dress


ASOS belt, Bag from Atmosphere (Primark)
ASOS belt, Bag from Atmosphere (Primark), Oxford shoes from Restricted (DSW)


Oxford Shoes

Cotton Dress