Road Trip to Lake Tahoe

Resting on the CaliforniaNevada border, Lake Tahoe is a beautiful, crystal-clear blue lake nestled among mountain peaks and makes for a great summer and winter getaway. I think the best way to get to Lake Tahoe is by car since the scenery is spectacular. Although it is a long drive to Lake Tahoe from Los Angeles, I am never to shy away from a road trip; especially when the journey takes you through soaring, rugged mountains, roaring rivers, lakes, and fresh-smelling pine forests.

Now, I am a thorough planner and I rarely travel without a set itinerary. Initially my plan was set on Yosemite National Park, but last minute I changed it to include Lake Tahoe to meet friends; who were also travelling there. In hindsight, I think it was too ambitious a plan. But traveling without an itinerary was exciting as the road trip lead me to unplanned stops.

So without much of a plan, I began my road trip to Lake Tahoe, pulling off at every scenic spot that came my way. I hit the jackpot every time I stumbled upon a gorgeous lake, some a deep blue hue while the others a bit paler; but no less stunning.Alpine Lake (5)Alpine Lake (4)

Surrounded by majestic peaks and unspoiled forest, can there be a better summer spot? The air so cool and fresh as I sat down the glistening lake, watching people engage in activities.

Alpine Lake (7)Alpine Lake (6)

Some like me were taking it slow and enjoying the views. Just look at these views!

Alpine Lake (9)Alpine Lake California

If there is one thing that continually took my breath away, it was the postcard like surroundings. I could not help but take videos and lots of pictures (including selfies).

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Eventually I bid farewell to my alpine lake and headed towards Lake Tahoe and finally met with our friends. As the sun started to shy away and the evening got a little chilly; we headed towards the beach with our blankets to watch the sunset. Lake Tahoe (2) Lake Tahoe (1)South Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe has the best of both worlds, the casino hotels (Nevada) and the mountain town charm of Heavenly Village (California). The next morning we woke up early and set out to Emerald Bay State Park and found the most drop dead gorgeous aerial views of the bay.

Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe (5)

The color of the lake as blue as a topaz, looking down on this spectacular bay; all of us felt refreshed and alive. After taking all the necessary photographs, we bid our friends goodbye; and stayed a bit longer to enjoy the view before heading towards Yosemite.

Lake Tahoe (4) Lake Tahoe (3)

I would be lying if I said I got tired with the lakes and the scenery. Truth be told, I could get used to this scenery out here in Texas.

Roadtrip to Lake Tahoe (3)Roadtrip to Lake Tahoe (2) Roadtrip to Lake Tahoe (8)

Just as I my mind started to race against time, as I watched the remaining miles left for Yosemite, nature brought me back to senses. Another beautiful spot by the water and I managed to find a tranquil spot for myself.

Roadtrip to Lake Tahoe (4) Roadtrip to Lake Tahoe (6)

I had seen this spot on my way to Lake Tahoe but decided to stop on our way back. This looked like the perfect place for an afternoon lunch or picnic. If only I had food with me. Not that I was complaining, of course.

Near Lake TahoeRoadtrip to Lake Tahoe (7)

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” – Ursula K Le Guin

Heard that quote before, right? I remember when I did the Pacific Coast Highway trip, I could not make it on time to one spot on my itinerary (Hearst Castle) and I declared that the trip would be a disaster (which wasn’t the case). My attitude was wrong. If anything, I need to loosen up and not plan everything when I travel. I could do it but then it would take away the spontaneity out of the trip. That is how a road trip is suppose to be, go along the way and stop anywhere that grabs your attention.

Alpine Lake (8)