Bring Back The Romance



For someone like me, who believes you can do good by the simple act of slipping into a t-shirt or a pair of jeans, achieving the romantic look was quite a herculean task. I felt that feminine side of me had taken a backseat and it was time now, to bring it to the forefront.

Romantic style is all about florals, chiffons, silks, pleated skirts, ruffles, soft colors – basically appreciating all the variations of the non-color: bone, ivory, eggshell, off-white, snow, chalk, vanilla... and not to forget the floral tiara (you remember the lead singer of Florence + The Machine), I hope you do because Florence Welch and her signature tiara was one of the many reasons that inspired me to experiment with this style. Although adorning a floral tiara is one of the easiest way to get this look, one must not forget other elements that encompass this particular style.

Top & skirt: Forever21 Exclusive; Sunglasses: ALDO; Bag: Charles & Keith

For my romantic look, I have picked a pleated floral chiffon skirt and paired it with an ivory top. For spring – summer season, chiffon fabric is extremely comfy! I felt like going all dreamy and floral and even matched my shoes and bag in shades of pink. Unlike me, who finds it a hassle wearing tiny accessories, you can try adding layers of charm bracelets to your outfit.

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What I love about this look is that it is sophisticated but not extravagant. It is elegant but not rigid or restricting. It plays on the softer details, for instance how impeccably a shade of ivory compliments the floral skirt. I think this is a great combination that helps portray a mature, dependable image but is still SO MUCH FUN!

19 20 22The location of the shoot is Cubbon Park in Bangalore. The landscaping in the park creatively integrates natural rock outcrops with thickets of trees, massive bamboos, with grassy expanse and flowerbeds. Amidst the park are well laid out walking paths where you will surely spot naturalists like me soaking in the freshness and tranquility that is hidden in the heart of the city. Only after you have witnessed the beauty of Cubbon Park, you will truly understand why Bangalore is called the Garden City. The experience is mesmerizing and enchanting. I felt like walking, exploring more and more.. endlessly in each and every corner…



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Hope you enjoyed scrolling through this post of mine as much as I enjoyed working on it. I find it extremely funny to call it work because I love it when I get a chance to express myself here on the blog – there is a sense of freedom in writing here.

Leaving you with a quote that inspired me today. It is always nice to share good thoughts and spread the love!

“Be obsessed with your work. Keep learning. Don’t wait around for someone to ask you to make images, just make them. ” – Maggie Taylor

Love. Peace. Art. 

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Photography by: Hitesh Rakecha.