The Orange Blazer

Looking at a closet full of clothes and still thinking that I have nothing to wear, that’s me everyday. My sister (also my co-blogger, who I love very dearly) often tells me that I hardly wear the things she buys for me. Some of my excuses are – way too bright or way too quirky and I am starting to realize that I whine a lot. But these thoughts take a backseat when I am conceptualizing for the blog. This bold orange blazer is one such item that speaks for itself. Whether you want a casual or formal look, its colorful style is the perfect way to add character to any ensemble. You can wear it to work to pep up your 9 to 5 grind, or pair it with your favorite dress for girl’s night out. I don’t understand why I haven’t worn it enough, which is precisely why I decided to call it – T h e  O r a n g e  B l a z e r.

How I managed to pull off ‘The Orange Blazer’ : With so much color burst, I kept my outfit in solid colors. I have teamed my blazer from New York and Company with straight cotton pants and a white t-shirt from Forever 21.  I absolutely love picking plain basic t-shirts from Forever 21 as they are functional and easy on my pocket. The heels are from ZARA – an absolute love. To add a little bling to the outfit, there is always a statement accessory – this Fossil watch with a gold tone bracelet and rustic orange dial.

So next time you face that wardrobe dilemma (“what should I wear?”), just pick the brightest piece you see and have fun with it.

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Picture Credits: PNN Photography 

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