Opt Outside With Style


Winter is indeed here. It is tempting to stay indoors all curled up in a blanket but to truly experience the beauty of winter, you need to get out of your comfort zone. And I say this after having implemented it myself. In December, I went to Estes Park (Colorado) from Houston (Texas) and the journey wasn’t all rosy. The drive to Estes Park was all smooth but on the way back, a fierce winter storm – Goliath, made things really bad. In such circumstances, you have no choice but to surrender and look for safety. It was a dire situation with violent winds and snow blizzard that caused road closures and a state of emergency in New Mexico. We were driving from Colorado Springs towards Houston, when we saw a glimpse of Goliath in Trinidad, CO. At first it was just snow and then the winds came in, making it impossible to see anything on the road. We rushed to the nearest hotel and stayed put till next morning. Since our planned route was under Goliath’s wrath, we decided to take the safe route through Kansas which added another day to our return trip.  We stayed the night at Tulsa, Oklahoma feeling relieved that our plan had worked out and now we could head home. But the next morning, Tulsa was also struck by the storm. At that moment it felt like the storm was intentionally chasing us. After checking the weather for our route we decided to head home since the storm was about to get worse in the later hours. The storm had not spread much far on our route, so we soon got to safe territory and finally home. My purpose is not to scare you with this experience. We did dodge a bullet, and it had little to do with luck. These things can happen anytime and anywhere, despite all planning and at such time, you will have to make smart decisions and be extra cautious. Traveling is not rainbows  and sunshine all the time and I accept the good, bad and ugly that comes with it. I personally have learnt a lot from this experience. I am sharing with you few pictures from Estes Park because this is what I cherish most about the trip.  You can read the travel post here: Escape to Estes. Hope you beat the winter blues and opt outside.

Outfit Details

Beret: American Apparel | Coat: Calvin Klein | Boots: Target | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban aviators 










StanleyHotel, Estes Park




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