Being ‘Ladylike’ With Our Bow Ties On!


When I started my research on bow ties, I found out something that was pretty obvious… bowties were mostly made for men (BUT WHY?)

However, Pinterest had a different story to tell, a LOT of women have rocked the bow tie look and there is definitely nothing new about it. In India too, many fashion bloggers are focusing on such concepts BUT there is still time for mass acceptance of bow ties into women’s clothing.

I must confess that before I started wearing a bow tie I had some weird thoughts like: Will it make me look masculine? Am I going overboard with this thing? You might have them too but I hope you try a bow tie after reading this post.

Originally, I had planned to do the androgynous look, but it was important to me that I remained true to my original style and personality. So I went with the classic white shirt & a tiny red bow tie. I have teamed it up with a checkered blazer, giving it a little vintage touch.






I will not completely disagree that bow ties are an element of formal clothing, but there are ways you can make it casual. In fact, the second look that we have featured below is very fresh and casual.

As you can see, she is wearing a off white lace shirt and a printed bow tie.




So you can leave your apprehensions of being called less feminine or more masculine behind…because honestly these are just labels constructed by people & it TOTALLY depends on how you carry yourself.

Bow Tie And Its Representations

A popular stereotype around bow tie wearers is that they are iconoclasts with a lack of concern for what other people think. Well, that’s almost me. 95%. The 5% is in making!

Where to buy

You can find many quirky bow ties on, their pop colors definitely make the bow tie stand out!

My Inspiration

My inspiration for this blog post (apart from Pinterest) has come from legendary actor Marlene Dietrich who is known for her quintessential bow tie, tux & top hat look in the film Morocco. 

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